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All About Turkish Cheeses


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Pungent, Crumbled Goat Cheese Is Called 'Tulum'
All About Turkish Cheeses
Photo © Elizabeth Taviloglu, 2013

'Tulum' (TOO'-loom) is general term used for a pungent, soft, sometimes crumbly form of white cheese made from goat's milk that varies greatly between regions. Tulum is made from pure goat's milk and left to mature for two to three months inside a goat skin.

Throughout Anatolia, it's common to see tulum on display still inside the hairy goat skin. There are many types of tulum that vary greatly throughout Turkey's different regions,

Tulum from the southeastern part of the country is different than those made in the Aegean regions and in inner Anatolia. The most coveted tulum is from Erzincan, a city in East.

Today, there are also branded versions of tulum that are sold in the supermarkets which are uniform in type and sold across the nation.

Tulum is best served as an appetizer before meat fare. The traditional way is to serve crumbled tulum with walnut halves, sweet butter and piping hot lavash flat bread before a plate of spicy kebab.

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