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Desserts, Sweets and Preserves

Turkey is world famous for its endless varieties of desserts and sweets, all made from natural ingredients. Try Turkish Delight or pistacio baklava dripping with syrup. How about some homemade rose jam at breakfast? Find information about all these sweets and much more right here.

Turkish 'Künefe' Is A Hot, Cheesy Dessert From The Southeast
'Künefe' is a Turkish classic. Two layers of crunchy, golden 'kadayıf' filled with cheese are baked until golden and crispy, then steeped in sweet syrup. Eat 'künefe' piping hot after a good kebab meal.

‘Laz Böreği’ Is A Dessert From The Black Sea Region Of Turkey
This tender Turkish dessert from the Black Sea region of the country resembles baklava filled with creamy vanilla custard in place of nuts.

Easy Turkish Fig Dessert
This traditional Turkish dessert made with dried figs and walnuts, was as popular in the Ottoman palace kitchens as it is today.

Turkish-style Pumpkin Pudding
Turkish-style pudding flavored with pumpkin is a delicious way to use fresh pumpkin. Its pale orange color, creamy texture and delicate pumpkin flavor will please adults and children alike.

Turkish Semolina Helva With Pine Nuts
'Helva' made with semolina is a traditional Turkish dessert served to mark important milestones in life. You'll find it at events commemorating births, deaths, marriages, circumcisions and religious holidays.

‘Güllaç’ Is A Traditional Turkish Dessert Dating Back To The Ottoman Period
This delicate Turkish dessert is as beautiful to look at as it is to eat. White, fluffy, translucent layers of paper-thin cornstarch soaked in milk and flavored with rose water are as light as air.

In Turkey, Puddings and Custards Are Serious Desserts
At any age, you'll love the puddings, custards and other milk desserts that are traditional Turkish dessert fare. Try Noah's ark pudding with legumes, wheat and dried fruits. How about 'chicken breast' pudding with a touch of cinnamon. Here are the top five Turkish puddings.

Turkish Rice Dessert Flavored With Saffron
Turkish rice dessert with saffron is as lovely to look at as it is to eat. This clear, yellow pudding-like dessert is delicately flavored with saffron and rose water.

Créme Caramel Is One Of Turkey's Best-loved Desserts
This classic French dessert is also common in Turkish cuisine. You'll find 'krem karamel' everywhere from cafeterias to the fanciest restaurants. Try the Turkish version of this old favorite.

Turkish "Kazandibi" Dessert Comes From The Bottom Of The Pan
'Kazandibi' dessert is a real Turkish classic. It's a thick, milky pudding on the inside with golden-brown coating of caramelized sugar on the outside. Now you can try it at home with this recipe.

Turkish 'Chicken Breast' Pudding Actually Contains White Meat Chicken
'Chicken breast' pudding is a simple but exotic Turkish dessert that actually contains finely shredded white meat chicken. Try this thick, rich, milky dessert with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Turkish-style Baked Rice Pudding
Turkish-style rice pudding is like grandma's good old fashioned custard baked in the oven. Adults and kids love this sweet, comforting dessert. Try it and bring back your childhood memories.

In Turkey, Noah's Ark Pudding Is A Symbol Of Friendship and Unity
Noah's ark pudding is an ancient Turkish dessert packed with healthy ingredients like whole-grain wheat, legumes, nuts and dried fruits. It's thought to be the oldest dessert in the world.

Homemade Turkish Pistachio Baklava
Turkish baklava is some of the finest in the world. Try this recipe for homemade baklave filled with bright green pistachio nuts made with ready phyllo pastry.

Carrot and Coconut Squares Are A Classic Turkish Sweet From Mersin
Carrot and coconut squares are a delicious Turkish sweet from the city of Mersin that's actually good for you. The additional of hazelnuts make these tender, nutritious bars irresistable.

Chestnuts Are A Favorite In Turkish Cuisine
Chestnuts hold a very special place in Turkish cuisine. Learn how Turkish cooks use chestnuts in everything from confections and desserts to soups and main courses.

Candied Chestnuts Are A Classic Turkish Confection
Did you know that some of the best marron glacé, or candied chestnuts come from Turkey? Try this easy recipe for tender candied chestnuts that made an entire region of Turkey famous.

Karyoka is Turkish Chocolate-covered Chestnut Puree
Karyoka are rich, luxurious Turkish confections made with chestnut puree coated with dark chocolate. They are most common in fancy candy shops but now you can try this recipe at home.

Turkish Candied Pumpkin Dessert
Candied pumpkin is a sweet and tender classic Turkish dessert. It's made with only a few ingredients so the taste and texture of the pumpkin shine through. Try it when you have fresh pumpkin on hand.

Turkish Semolina Cookies Steeped in Syrup
In Turkish, this sweet, tender dessert is called "şekerpare" (shek-EYR' par-EH'), which means "a piece of sweetness." Try this traditional recipe and you'll see it lives up to its name.

Turkish Quince Dessert
Quince dessert is so sweet and tender it's like eating candied fruit. The quince are steeped in sugar with cloves and cinnamon. Serve it with Turkish clotted cream, called 'kaymak.'

Homemade Turkish Delight Recipe
Many different versions of Turkish Delight are enjoyed all over the Middle East. In Turkey, the preferred flavors for traditional Turkish Delight are pistacio, hazelnut, mint and rose. Good Turkish Delight should be firm and not stick to your fingers. It should only get sticky once you begin to chew.

Turkish Lokma Recipe
'Lokma' are Turkish yeast-leavened dough balls that are deep-fried and steeped in a sugar and lemon syrup. Lokma is super-sweet and is usually eaten as a snack, and sometimes as a dessert and with coffee. The best lokma is purchased from street vendors and at sweet shops.

Turkish Semolina Cake Steeped In Syrup Is Called 'Revani'
This sweet yellow cake is found all throughout the eastern Mediterranean. Turkish 'revani' contains ground hazelnuts and gets its flavor from lemon, orange or rosewater.

Mixed Nut Baklava Recipe
Many varieties of baklava from Turkey, Greece and other Middle Eastern countries have become world-famous desserts. Classic Turkish baklava is made from phyllo pastry, sweet butter, ground nuts like walnuts or pistacios and sweet syrup. Here is a contemporary recipe for baklava that features mixed nuts.

Turkish Mosaic Cake Recipe
Mosaic "cake" worked its way into Turkish cuisine sometime during the last century. Try it and see why Turkish people were quick to call this tender dessert their own.

Video: How To Make Turkish Delight
If you want to learn how to make this classic Turkish sweet, check out this clear and informative video demonstrating all the steps in making Turkish Delight.

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