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Best Turkish Desserts For 'The Holiday Of Sweets'

‘Eid al-Fitr’ is a muslim holiday that falls on the three days following Ramadan, the holy month of fasting. In Turkey, this holiday is called ‘Şeker Bayramı’ (sheh-KEYR’ buy-RAHM-uh), which means ‘sugar holiday’ or ‘holiday of sweets.’ It was given this name for good reason. During this time, traditional Turkish sweets, candies and desserts are the center of attraction. Find out about the 'Holiday of Sweets' and the best Turkish dessert recipes right here.

Popular 'Şeker Bayramı' dessert recipes:
Turkish Food Spotlight10

Turkish ‘Lakerda,’ Or Salted Bonito

'Lakerda,' or salted bonito, is one of Turkish cuisine's oldest, most coveted 'meze' dishes. The recipe takes a lot of time and effort, but the result is worth it.

Turkish Tahini ‘Helva’ Recipe

In Turkey, tahini helva is a sweet, nutty snack that packs a lot of energy and nutrition. You can buy it ready or try this easy recipe at home.

How To Make Turkish Sour Cherry Nectar, Or ‘Vişne Suyu’

Try this easy recipe for sour cherry nectar, or 'vişne suyu,' one of Turkey's most popular drinks.

Enjoy Classic Turkish Desserts During The 'Holiday Of Sweets'

Five of the best Turkish desserts and sweets to serve during 'Eid al-Fitr,' or 'Şeker Bayramı,' which means 'Holiday of Sweets.'

Turkish Cherry, Or ‘Kiraz’ Varieties

Turkish cherries are some of the best in the world. Find out about the types of cherries found in Turkey and what they're used for.

Summer Squash, Yogurt And Walnut Spread

This delicious Turkish 'meze' features summer squash, crushed walnuts and Greek yogurt. It makes a great appetizer, spread or dip.

The Best Turkish Recipes For Ramadan

It can be hard to decide what to serve every day to break the fast. From soups to desserts, here are all the best Turkish recipes for Ramadan.

Recipe For Turkish Ramadan Flat Bread, Or 'Pide'

Hot, fresh 'pide' bread is one of the highlights of Turkish cuisine during Ramazan. Buy it at local Turkish bakeries or use this recipe to make your own.

Turkish Fried Feta Rolls Are Called 'Cigarette' Pastries

Turkish 'cigarette' pastries, or 'sigara böreği,' are golden, crunchy rolls of pastry filled with Feta. They are great as an appetizer or finger food.

Turkish Bread And Cream Dessert Is Called ‘Ekmek Kadayıfı’

This ultra-sweet Turkish classic is made from layers of firm bread soaked in lemony syrup and topped with chopped nuts and clotted cream.

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