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10 Cold Vegetable Recipes For Summer

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In Turkish cuisine, fresh vegetable dishes are often served cold as a starter or side dish. Vegetables are braised in their own juices then drizzled with olive oil to keep them fresh. If you want to lighten up your menus or go vegetarian this summer, here is a good place to start.

Some great cold vegetable recipes:
Turkish Food Spotlight10

Turkish Cherry, Or ‘Kiraz’ Varieties

Turkish cherries are some of the best in the world. Find out about the types of cherries found in Turkey and what they're used for.

Summer Squash, Yogurt And Walnut Spread

This delicious Turkish 'meze' features summer squash, crushed walnuts and Greek yogurt. It makes a great appetizer, spread or dip.

The Best Turkish Recipes For Ramadan

It can be hard to decide what to serve every day to break the fast. From soups to desserts, here are all the best Turkish recipes for Ramadan.

Recipe For Turkish Ramadan Flat Bread, Or 'Pide'

Hot, fresh 'pide' bread is one of the highlights of Turkish cuisine during Ramazan. Buy it at local Turkish bakeries or use this recipe to make your own.

Turkish Fried Feta Rolls Are Called 'Cigarette' Pastries

Turkish 'cigarette' pastries, or 'sigara böreği,' are golden, crunchy rolls of pastry filled with Feta. They are great as an appetizer or finger food.

Turkish Bread And Cream Dessert Is Called ‘Ekmek Kadayıfı’

This ultra-sweet Turkish classic is made from layers of firm bread soaked in lemony syrup and topped with chopped nuts and clotted cream.

‘Ali Nazik’ Is One Of Turkey’s Best-loved Kebabs

'Ali Nazik' kebab is tender, juicy lamb served on a bed of hot roasted eggplant that's whipped with plain yogurt and drizzled with a buttery sauce.

Basic Turkish Chicken Kebab

Try this simple recipe for succulent chicken kebab made the Turkish way. The key is in the marinade made with yogurt, onion, garlic and spices.

Turkish Food Basics And Helpful Information

Here's all the basic information you need to prepare Turkish food like a pro. Weighing and measuring, finding ingredients, metric conversions and more.

Equipment, Tools And Utensils

Here is a list of special equipment, tools and utensils you need to cook authentic Turkish food.

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